Home Remedies and Natural Cure To Bad Breath

Published: 12th March 2012
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Bad breath is one of those nightmares that may have dawned upon everyone at a certain point of their lives. As well as finding a good cure to bad breath.

And it always seems to pounce on us at exactly the wrong time...

Job interviews... A date with the person of our dreams... Perhaps even just trying to discipline our children... (Nothing is more embarrassing than yelling at your kid with stinky breath, as they silently make fun of you with their sibling!)

Thus, finding the right cure to bad breath might not be new to you. Whether you have personally experienced it, or even helped a loved one or a friend get pass it.

Bad breath is flat out embarrassing and finding the right cure to bad breath is often essential just to function in everyday life. Most people are tired of bad breath cover-ups and are looking for a true, natural cure to bad breath.

Natural Remedies as Cure To Bad Breath

You might be surprised though that there are natural remedies and cure to bad breath and some of these you can find at your very own home.

Here are some you should remember:

Peppermint and tea tree oil. Apply two or three drops of any of these two plants to your toothbrush or on your toothpaste right before brushing your teeth. These leaves are very refreshing and its antibacterial properties will kill any bacteria in your mouth. Remember not to swallow any toothpaste (with peppermint or tea tree) particle and rinse your mouth well.

Baking soda. This baking ingredient has proven to be the top rated natural cure to bad breath. Baking soda changes the acidity level in your mouth making it less friendly to bacterium. You may also opt to use toothpastes, which already contain baking soda in it but should you want to use the baking soda as it is, just put a small amount of it in your toothbrush, and then brush it onto your teeth. Make sure that you rinse well with water.

Citrus fruits. These fruits have very high citric acid content and this acid stimulates the saliva and further helps suppress some bacteria and the fresh smell of these fruits also leave the mouth smelling fresh.

Apple cider vinegar. This vinegar has recently amazed us with wonders it could offer like it being able to promote weight loss. Aside from this, this vinegar is also being used as mouthwash and surprisingly it has been proven to fight bad breath.

A Real Cure To Bad Breath Is Prevention

Finding the cure to bad breath might be a never-ending story for you especially if you do not take good oral health seriously. As we've said many times here at CureToBadBreath.com, it's extremely important to take care of your teeth in order to maximize the potential of finding a permanent cure to bad breath.

If you've tried all of our methods and yet you still find it difficult to find a cure to bad breath, you must take a look at the habits you have in regards to maintaining proper teeth care. Oftentimes, avoiding and preventing bad breath will be a better option than curing it.

Bad Breath affects everyone at some time or another. We know how hard it can be to find the right cure to bad breath. If you're really serious about getting rid of bad breath forever, you'll need to learn a few home remedies and natural cure that work amazingly well. Methods that are simple to use and can often be found cheaply or in your own home.

Don't give up hope, it's NOT impossible to cure bad breath. You can learn to live bad breath free.

Erik Brassell

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